Cedarwood - a woody fragrance with top notes of cedar wood with a slight hint of orange leading to middle notes of patchouli and musk.

Dark Pomegranate - a rich Pomegranate scent with a delicate blend of Red Fruit scents with a hint of Casablanca Lily and Smoky Wood combined with a crisp fresh Floral scent.

Pine Cone - this fresh pine scent with woody notes of Pine, Cedar, Moss and Eucalyptus to recreate the magic smell of a pine Christmas tree.

Smoky Mist - this ancient Oud Wood scent fills your home with a luxurious oriental spice bomb of resin soaked timber. A masculine classic with scents of Rose Wood, Cardamom, Oud Wood, Sandalwood and Vetiver.

Sunset Veranda - this musky aroma of Sandalwood and Sweet Vanilla brings the essence of dusk indoors, into your home. Loaded with Coconut Milk and warm Cinnamon, with hints of Jasmine and Sandalwood, with Cedar, Musk and Vanilla.

Tobacco Haze - a rich warming woody accord with notes of Cuban Tobacco, combining with leather and burning embers enhanced with cedarwood, amber, oak, patchouli, musk and pepper 

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